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Skipper Liability Insurance

Unlimited private
cruises per year
from 97,58 € per year
  • Insurance cover for skipper & crew against third-party claims up to EUR 10 mil.
  • Claims by the charter company for damage to the boat due to gross negligence, up to the full sum insured
  • The use of the dinghy & water pollution is also insured
  • The insurance also covers a bail to avoid confiscation of the vessel up to EUR 60,000

Charter Deposit Insurance

Choose validity for one cruise
or one year
from 75,00 € for one cruise
  • The most favourite cover
  • No matter who's to blame: skipper and crew are insured worldwide
  • You have the choice: low-budget insurance for one trip or 12 months validity for all trips
  • The dinghy, outboard motor, foresail and mainsail and accessories are insured
  • The deductible is only 10%, at least €100

Charter Accident Insurance

Statistics indicate a six times higher risk when on holiday
from 86,87 € per year
  • Skipper and crew are covered worldwide for 12 months on every cruise
  • The cover applies on the yacht, swimming from the boat, dinghy operation and water-skiing
  • Up to EUR 60,000 for rescue, search and recovery costs
  • Up to EUR 600,000 in case of invalidity
  • EUR 100,000 in case of death

Charter Follow-up Insurance

Cover financial loss due to late return and repair time
from 89,25 € per year
  • Protects against claims for damages due to late return of the yacht due to illness, damage repair or bad weather
  • No excess in the event of cancellation of a subsequent charter through no fault of your own
  • We also provide cover for a professional skipper who takes over the ship and crew if the skipper falls ill
  • Fair and transparent tariffs staggered according to charter price

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